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Faith Unity Nurture  Sports                                       Roman 10:17

Faith    Unity     Nurture Sports

Fall Sports

Register Sept. 6th and Save.

We still need Volunteer Coaches!

We still have room in all our Soccer Leagues

Ages: 4 to 11 yrs old  NE ,NW2, SW, NW

Our Registration form will no longer be online After Aug. 30th  .....but we 
will have then Sept. 6th at the Site Registration.  We will accept Cash or checks or Money Orders. 

Site Registration / Parent meeting
on Sept. 6th at the Oak Community Church at
10200 Campus park Dr.  

Come 15 min. earlier then parent meeting for your child age group. Times posted below. Come 15 min. earlier and sign up your child to play Soccer this fall
if we have room in our leagues. Check web site Sept.4th for closed league will be posted.  Sign up
that day and we will assign them a team and parents can then sit in our parent meeting to hear about up coming season and meet your coach and teammates. The fee that day is $95 per child. 

Parent meeting times are : 
Sept. 6th 
9 am  4 & 5 yrs old 
10 am  6 & 7 yrs old 
11am   8,9,10, 11 yrs old 
This is important meeting regarding new information about the season and parent are
HIGHLY encourage to attend. 
We will not be able to accept request that day. 
We will only change children if we made a mistake. 
Any question call us 378-2749 if we do not answer please leave message. 

NEW Practice Site  Second  NW Site:

Rosedale Bible Church

16000 Rosedale Hwy, 93314

Monday night at 6pm

other practice site :

NW Norris Elem Thurs.

SW Stonecreek Middle school Tue.

NE Calvary Bible  Mon.

You will pick a site that is close to you.

Soccer from ages 4 to 11 yrs old

 You can still register you child for Fall sports by making a copy of our registration form ( on the web site Starting   ) fill it out and then mail it in with the correct fee.  We will take registration by mail in June, July, and Aug. The closer we get to season the fee go up so please register early and save.


July 27 to  Sept. 8th Fee is $95

We will mail Parent letters to you after you register by mail a letter regarding our Parent meeting in Sept.  This will be the only letter you will receive by FUN Sports unless you are coaching. We will not be able to change (only if we made a mistake) or honor requested at parent meeting. Please  make sure you are filling our registration form completely to make sure we place your child on the right teams. Thank you so much.

Please look at our sports information page for more information or call us at


Our address is :

FUN Sports

11606 Traviso Ave.

Bakersfield,CA  93312

There is no Refunds for sports program.

FUN Sports
11606 Traviso Ave.
Bakersfield,CA  93312

Summer phone hours

Phone hours are :
9am to noon
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thurs.
We are closed Fri, Sat, Sun.
Date we are closed:
Aug. 5th 12th
Aug. 18 to 25
Sept. 1 labor Day

if we do not answer leave us a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can.  Or email us see below for e mail address. Thanks you.

FUN Sports is not responsible
for any missed information regarding
the season to parents that did not attend parent meeting.
FUN sports will not contact you regarding practice times, days, or team number. This is all given to you
at the PARENT MEETING, that is why it is important to attend.

Site are :

NE Calvary Bible Mon.

NW2 Rosedale Bible Church Mon.

SW Stonecreek Middle school Tue

NW Norris Elem. School Thurs.

Games will be Sat at Riverlakes Community Church


FUN Sports is looking for Help : Seasonal

Site Maintenance High School and up

Itty Bitty instructors ( will train) 18yrs old and up

 Site Supervisor 18 yrs old and up

Coaches Supervisor 18yrs and up

Call 378-2749 ask for John

  FUN Sports Playbook

Matthew 6:33

But seek first His kingdom and
 His righteousness, and all these things
 will be given to you as well

Check out KAXL 83.3 fm or Kern County Family Mag. for our Ad. and information regarding FUN SPORTS.


There are no refunds
for sports 

   If you have any questions,
please feel free to call us at 378-2749.

  If we are unable to answer,
please leave a message or call back again. Thank you. 

We are hoping more churches will help support this Ministry in the coming years. If your church would like to help please call us at 378-2749. We need your support to keep telling children about the love of Jesus.  So step up and call us today.


Sponsor a team this Season  it is easy and helps our sport ministry!
Go to registration page and download sponsor form and send it in with payment.

  We like to Thank  KAXL 88.3 FM  Radio

for all you do for us and the community.

 KAXL is a Life Time Sponsor.

KAXL radio 88.3 FM web site is :   www.kaxl.com

Also Check our sports page.

We still need volunteer coaches!
If you would be interested, simply check the box on registration form and we will set you up with a team or feel free to give us a call!


John 3:16

For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son,

that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life.

F aith U nity N urture

Do you want your child in a fun , loving and caring environment ?
Sign up with FUN SPORTS and have a great time watching your child play sports and learn about Jesus Christ.

This is a fun and non-competitive program.

 No tryout every child plays

More information regarding up coming Sports go to our

sports page or call us at


FUN SPORTS is a program for children from the ages of 3 to 11 years old that would like to learn about sports. We talk about Jesus and all the stories in the bible. We pray with the kids before games and practices. If your church wants to be part of Fun Sports then have them call( 661)-378-2749 .Please feel free to check out our sports page.


FUN SPORTS promote Roman 10:17" So faith comes from hearing and hearing by the word of Christ."


Go to our FUN PAGE to see our Wish List for FUN SPORTS. Maybe you can help. God Bless

All donations are tax-deductible

Contact Information

Phone # (661)378-2749

E-mail: myfunsports@myfunsports.com

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